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competitive salary

*Guaranteed annual salary of 13 months.

*Employee insurance system, full labor insurance, health insurance, labor retreat, company group insurance.

*Issue project bonuses based on project performance.

*After serving for more than one year, the performance scores reach the basic standard (60 points) or more, and the annual salary adjustment is fixed. The adjustment range varies according to the performance.

Intimate bonus system

*Senior employee bonus.

*Three gifts (Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, birthday).

*Other gifts (marriage, funeral allowance, personal or spouse birth certificate).

* Rich employee recommendation bonuses and prizes.

Diversified welfare activities

*Employees go to the hospital for detailed physical examination (non-general labor examination).

*Employee computer subsidy。

*Individual full-time education training fee subsidy.

*Each quarterly event: Appreciation of cinema movie theater, staff meal, year-end tail meal, etc.

*Employee travel.。

*Unusual delicious afternoon tea.。

All-round education training

*Professional functional training

*Management training

*Online learning platform

*Chinese language help